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Healthy recipe: Summer spiced salmon and king prawns

ANOTHER fabulous fish recipe from Head Chef Simon Smith at Tameside Hospital, Manchester. Simon says: “Here we are cooking for the summer weather. This lightly grilled salmon, marinated in a spiced oriental sauce is quick and easy to prepare and cook. Perfect on those summer lunches with a salad or in the evenings with crisp mangetout.

“Salmon is in that league of round fish that is a good source of nutrition. A 115g portion of salmon provides over 20g of protein, omega-3 fatty and a variety of minerals and vitamins and once again zero carbohydrates. Please enjoy the recipe.”

I cooked this over the weekend and it tasted divine.  The sauce was such a refreshing change from others that usually accompany salmon. Enjoy! And please do leave a comment below so Simon can see how much you enjoyed his dish.

Summer Spiced Salmon and King Prawns

Serves 2
Preparation time: 5mins
Cooking time: 10mins


2 x 115g (approx.) Salmon Fillets (skin off)
150g King Prawns
100g Mixed Fruits of the Forest (frozen)
1tsp chopped Garlic
½tsp Fresh Chopped Chillies (seedless)
½tsp Five Spices
½tsp pureed Ginger
1 stem Spring Onion
10g Butter
2 tbsp. Sesame Oil
Squeeze of Lemon
1tsp Honey
Small bunch of Fresh Parsley
½tsp chopped Dill

Equipment needed:
Frying pan
Small Mixing bowl
Chopping board
Small Vegetable Knife


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160oc / Gas Mk 4
  2. Place the fruits of the forest into the mixing bowl and defrost in the microwave until soft.
  3. With a fork mash the fruit lightly and set to the side.
  4. On the chopping board finely chop the spring onions and add to the bowl. In addition to the spring onions add to the bowl the garlic, chillies, ginger, five spice, squeeze of lemon and honey. Also add a teaspoon of sesame oil to the bowl and stir into the marinade.
  5. Add the salmon and king prawns to the marinade and leave in the fridge for 5 mins.
  6. Heat the frying pan with the butter and 1tsp sesame oil on a medium heat. Place the salmon in the pan with the skin side on the bottom of the pan. Into the same pan add the king prawns.
  7. Allow the two fish to cook in the pan for 4 mins on a medium to low heat, making sure not to burn the pieces, and then place the pan in the oven for an additional 4 mins.
  8. Check the salmon and if the fish is firm to the touch it will be cooked. Remove the pan from the oven and place back onto the cooker top.
  9. Transfer the salmon and the king prawns to a small tray and return to the oven on a low heat to keep warm.
  10. On a medium heat add 100ml water to the pan, and then stir in the teaspoon of fish sauce and any marinade that is left in bowl. Increase the heat to high and allow the jus to boil and reduce to a thickened sauce that coats the spoon.
  11. Place the salmon fillet and a few of the king prawns on to a plate and add a coating of the sauce to top of the salmon. Finish with a pinch of chopped dill and a sprig of parsley; serve with a light crisp salad.

Bon Appetit!

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