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Healthy recipe: Smoked finney haddock with two-cheese sauce

OUR super chef Simon Smith has done it again! This week’s recipe is more than delicious – it’s absolutely packed with goodness. Simon, head chef at Tameside hospital in Manchester, says: “With this dish I want to show how a popular fish can be made into a tasty meal with little effort and the dish is once again packed with great flavours and aromas that will stimulate any palate.

“Smoked haddock, like most round fish, are nutrition heaven. A 115g fillet of smoked haddock contains a variety of positive nutrients. The fillet contains over 30g of protein which is vital to muscle growth plus omega-3 fatty acids that are used in the body for brain growth and maintaining a healthy heart.

“There’s also a myriad of vitamins, minerals and zero per cent carbohydrate content which make the smoked haddock a favoured fish of mine. Please enjoy the recipe.”

Smoked finney haddock in two cheese sauce

Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 -10 mins

Cooking time: 10 – 13 mins


2 x 115g (approx.) smoked haddock fillets

half medium onion (diced)

300ml / half pt semi skimmed milk

15g butter

100ml water

5g chives (chopped)

2.5g / half tsp English mustard

20g Cheddar cheese

8g fine grated Parmesan cheese

15g plain flour

10g single cream

Squeeze of lemon

Sprig of parsley


Equipment needed:

Roasting / poaching tray, spoon and whisk

Small saucepan

Chopping board

Small vegetable Knife


Pre heat the oven to 190C / Gas Mk 5

On the chopping board peel and dice the half onion. Place the onion into our poaching / roasting tray.

Take the haddock fillets and fold in half and place into the tray. Pour the milk and water into the tray and squeeze a little lemon over each fish.

Lightly season, cover with foil and place into the oven. Reduce the heat to 180oc / Gas Mk 4 and allow to cook for 10mins.

Remove tray from oven, and if the haddock feels firm then it is cooked. With a fish slice remove the haddock from the tray and carefully pour the milk mixture into the saucepan. Cover the haddock fillets and return to the turned off oven to keep warm.

Add the mustard to the saucepan and whisk into the mixture. Place the sauce pan on the cooker on a low heat and allow to come to a slow simmer.

While waiting for the milk, microwave the 15g butter and melt. Add the 15g plain flour to the bowl and mix to a paste.

When the milk mixture begins to simmer add the flour paste a teaspoon at a time. Whisking the mixture after each spoon.

The sauce should thicken and be smooth. Reduce the heat more and add the cheddar and whisk into the mixture, then add the parmesan, chives and finally the cream. Stir these into the sauce so as not to scrape the bottom of the pan.

Remove the haddock fillets from the oven. Serve on to a plate and nape the haddock with the cheese sauce. Finish with a sprig of parsley and a lemon wedge.

Good Appetite! And please leave a comment below so Simon can see how much you enjoyed his dish.

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