Monday, July 17, 2017

Boot Camp 6 – keep repeating those new good habits

MY Boot Camp over the past six weeks has been helping you stay on track and I know so many of you have been noticing how things have changed and have had significant WOW moments!   There was a lovely post in Slimpod Club yesterday and here it is:

Last night it was our village cycling club’s Summer BBQ and I can’t say I was really looking forward to it to be honest.
When the food was ready I went up and scanned the table expecting a bit of a battle with myself over burgers and sausages – you know that little voice in your head “go on, one won’t hurt, you know you want one really” that sort of thing.

Much to my amazement (and more so on reflection during the morning after the night before) that dialogue didn’t even happen! I didn’t give the burgers/sausages a second glance, just picked up a chicken skewer and some lovely Italian pasta salad.

Without a thought I even spread that round my plate so that there wasn’t room for a piece of quiche! I am bowled over really. Having been in a bit of a wilderness since Christmas I’ve thrown myself into Boot Camp and I feel properly back in control now.

Oh and the two glasses of wine and the gin and tonic were delicious and completely guilt free. Happy days

Sustaining healthy behaviour change long-term is the holy grail of successful weight loss and that’s what the Slimpod helps you do.  Your unconscious mind is responsible for your automatic behaviour and gradually changes your attitude to food.

So now, moving forward you need to continue to build on all the great work you’ve done over the past six weeks because sustainable weight loss can be yours if you want it!

If you think about your eating habits over the past 10 or more years, they’ll probably resemble something more like a rollercoaster ride rather than a cruise!  Yo-yo dieting in itself becomes a bad habit and something that’s really difficult to stop doing.

So what’s the definition of habit?  Habits are the repeated small decisions you make and actions you perform every day. Your life up until now is basically the sum total of your habits because research shows habits account for around 40 per cent of your behaviour on any given day.

Nearly every habit you have today, good or bad, is the result of many small choices and decisions made over time. That might be a bit of a scary thought for some!

So it’s clear that if bad habits can be created it’s the repeated pattern of small healthy behaviours that will lead to long term weight loss.

The best way to start new habits is to start with something small and you can build it into your life without too much effort.   During the past six weeks of Boot Camp you’ll have been listening to your Slimpod every day and hopefully that will now have become a habit because it’s this small, effortless act that’s going to make the biggest difference to your life

Just a little reminder:  It’s the repetition of the language in the Slimpod that makes the changes and then repeated listening continues to reinforce those behaviour changes so they become automatic.  The secret of success is in changing the things you do daily and repeating that new behaviour change over and over again.  This is crucial to habit change mastery.



Check in with the goals you set yourself in June and if you haven’t quite reached your target, treat it as feedback NOT failure. Life is a journey and obstacles get in the way.  Treat these obstacles as a small hill you can easily climb, rather than an impossible mountain that stops you in your tracks, then reaching your goal becomes inevitable!

Re-set those goals for the next six weeks now to keep the momentum going – and use your groups or the people in Slimpod Club to keep you accountable.  If goals cause you problems and have a negative impact then continue listening and take every day as it comes.

So continue to do what you’ve been doing while having a great summer.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve found most valuable about Boot Camp, what difference it has made to you and what topics you’d be interested in covering next time.

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