Sunday, July 2, 2017

Boot Camp week 4 – limiting beliefs and self-doubts


MY Week 4 Boot Camp video is about limiting beliefs and self-doubt – how they sabotage lasting weight loss (and what you can do about it). This was in my Boot Camp last January and it resonated with so many people so I thought it was important to include it now, too.

If you’ve seen it before then it will serve as a great refresher and if it’s your first time then I’m sure you’ll find it really useful.

I’ve been helping people lose weight for almost a decade now. Every day I’m in contact with people who struggle to believe they will ever reach the size they desire. They’ve been on the diet-fail-diet-fail cycle so many times they just can’t imagine themselves succeeding with anything.

They’ve been disappointed so many times it’s now become very emotional – and there’s real anxiety attached to the whole subject of weight loss.

The thing is, if you fear that you won’t lose weight, then you’ll never do it.

The more time goes on the more you’ll continue to believe that you can’t lose weight and you’ll start finding lots of reasons to back up those limiting thoughts.

As time goes on you then find yourself in a pattern and patterns keep repeating themselves. Things get worse and worse until you feel useless and helpless.

You must face this self doubt because otherwise it will control you for ever.

Your life is merely the story you’re telling yourself day in day out and the narrative can change – if you realise it’s happening and take action.

So if this is you, and you’ve given up on many weight loss attempts before you found Slimpods, take a moment to reflect and think about why this is happening.

Is it because of past failures?

Is it because someone once told you that you’ll be fat for ever?

Is it because your partner isn’t supportive of your latest weight loss attempt which makes it doubly hard to be motivated.

Or it might be because you always give up and that’s become a habit – now you doubt whether you can change that habit.

Don’t let the self-doubt hold you back any longer.

M video will help you discover discover how to break through the self-limiting beliefs and succeed!

Please leave a comment below and let me know how the video is going to help you change!

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