Sunday, June 18, 2017

Boot Camp week 2 – overcoming the fear of failure

One of the things I’ve noticed most during nearly 10 years of helping people lose weight is how a lot of them panic when I ask them to set goals. Last week was no exception. Posting a picture and setting goals sent shockwaves through some of the Slimpod community!

In my blog last  week I said this six-week Boot Camp is as much about helping you to overcome what’s been holding you back as it is about helping you to move forward.

For so many people it’s their own mind that’s been holding them back – because they have a fear of failure. So that’s what we’re tackling this week!  Watch my video first and beneath the video there’s some more practical advice to help you overcome your fears.

Beating Fear Of Failure

Because most obstacles in life are in our own heads, I really recommend you read this book (it’s only £6.99 in paperback) or at the very least download the free PDF – and that’s your task this week.

Buy The Obstacle is the Way

Or download the PDF here 

If you buy the book it won’t take more than a couple of hours to read. It has a great method for people who want to change the way they think about obstacles in their lives and it shows you how problems are amazing opportunities to get stronger.

It really helps you realise that success in anything (including weight loss) is not a gift that some people are blessed with, but a path that anyone can go down.

If you have a fear of failing you really must take action. Goals shouldn’t be obstacles, they should be things that allow you to measure your success and progress on to the next level.

If you haven’t reached a goal, then you need to dig deeper and find out why rather than letting fear take control.

Motivation is paralysed by fear. Decide what you want of the world and go get it. No clarity = no change and no goals = no growth.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this has helped you see beyond your fears!


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