Monday, June 12, 2017

Boot Camp kicks off with important goal-setting advice

HEY! Welcome to my six week “Get Ready for Summer” Boot Camp! The words “Boot Camp” can sometimes be scary, so first of all I want to assure you that the next six weeks are going to be a very positive, enjoyable and motivational experience!

The only condition of joining in is that I’d like you to pledge your commitment for six weeks.

This is not like the average Boot Camp.  I don’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat.  I don’t tell you to exercise. That wouldn’t be my style.

You’ll be learning some important things that will have been holding you back from losing weight in the past and when you smash through these obstacles, there’ll be no stopping you! You’ll lose inches and have fun along the way.

It’s really important that you discipline yourself to look in your Inbox (or other places like Promotions or Updates folders).

If you’re a Slimpod Club member you can also look there for updates because no-one will chase you.  This is all about you!

So here we go!

Week One is dedicated to getting you off to a great start.

So here’s what needs to happen this week!

Three simple steps

  1. Take a full-length picture of yourself (in clothes!). Keep it safe on your phone so you can look at it in the weeks to come. This is SO important because it helps you track your progress.  If you’re in Slimpod Club – post it up there too because it’s good for everyone to put a face to a name.  We love seeing you!
  2. Measure yourself because this is far more reliable than the scales.
  3. Set good goals

Many people struggle with how to set goals so here’s a recap.

When you’re creating your goal, please make sure it’s meaningful – knowing “why” you want this goal is essential because that’s what’s going to drive you for the next six weeks.

More information on goals is in my Week One video below.

Some more ideas:

  1. Staying with this Boot Camp has to be on top of this list!
  2. A size goal – what do you want to achieve in six weeks? What’s realistic? The next size down would be a great goal and for most people that’s achievable in six weeks.
  3. A happiness goal!  This is a great goal – track how you’re feeling about yourself. When you’re feeling happier and more confident it’s hugely empowering and motivating. Slimpod will help you with this.
  4. An energy goal –  embrace the lovely long evenings and do a power walk three evenings a week. Track your progress – this is such a wonderful motivator.

BIG NOTE** A weight goal’s really not ideal because weight fluctuates for many reasons and it means you’re using the evil scales to track your progress.  Scales make you feel bad more often than they make you feel good – and we don’t want that! This is about feeling GOOD!

Remember:  The brain likes reward, so be nice to yourself and take this in small steps.  Take it week by week and set yourself small targets to achieve by the end of each week. 

Writing in your success log each day could be one of them.  Being consciously aware of your sugar intake could be another.  It’s recommended we only have seven tsps of sugar a day and it’s estimated the average adult consumes over 20 tsps!


Some people are scared to set goals because in the past they’ve failed to achieve them. If that’s you, then think of your goal as something that gives you feedback rather than meaning failure.

A goal should be something that helps to plot your course to ultimate success, rather than a big obstacle that creates fear!  Next week I’m giving you some help with fear of failure so help is at hand!

It’s a fact that making the goal public helps you to commit – so post your goal(s) under the Boot Camp post on my blog AND/OR in Slimpod Club under the post.  You can also ask others if they’d like to form a team which would help to keep you accountable.

And remember my weekly live chat (on Wednesday evenings at 8pm BST)  will be your chance to regroup with everyone and for us all to do some cheer-leading! Every little success counts!

Week by week we’ll develop this by building on your successes. This is how good habits are built.

I’ll be publishing a video every Monday!  Next week is about Overcoming Fear of Failure – so watch out for it!

Here’s to your success! And please, please do leave a comment below telling me your Boot Camp goal. I love hearing from you.

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